Welcome to Nucleic Informatics Official Web Page!


Nucleic Informatics is a thought leader in the bio-informatics space, our mission is to bring Medical Science out of the "Shotgun" or "Most probable treatment" style of medicine to a "Precision Medicine" style which uses the patient's own genome to inform medical care and testing, to catch illnesses before the first symptom or to know what treatment for an existing illness will be most likely to work for your specific body.


We hope to offer a range of products from an individual report to someone based on their genome, to full turnkey integration systems for medical clinics and hospitals that can be easily managed by existing IT staff. More on that as the kickstarter for phase one is behind us


Nucleic informatics is lovingly known to it's creators as "Project Nectar" phase I will be a kickstarter campaign, the scope of phase 2 will be largely determined by that campaign and will include the aforementioned turnkey precision medicine implementations. Phase III is still classified, but here's a hint... how would you like to play the most demanding sport with your grandchildren... and be better at it than they are?

Official Website coming soon (This is currently a side project, all our members have full time jobs to take care of)