Nucleic Informatics

Nucleic Informatics seeks to take datamined information from the Human Genome Project to change the face of medical science. We seek nothing less than a sea change in medical science from shotgun medicine to intelligent targeted medicine tailored to the individual as dictated by his very DNA. It's called shotgun medicine because of the fact that treatments and medications that doctors prescribe are simply the most probable to produce a favorable result, but unfortunately can also have a deleterious effect or even deadly.

This shotgun style of medicine causes needless deaths, generates a glut of wrongful death lawsuits and makes for exorbitant rates for the mandatory malpractice insurance all doctors and hospitals must carry and these costs are all passed on to the consumer.

Bioinformatics is a growing field that seeks to move away from this "most probable" treatment selection, helping not only in diagnosis of the patient, but in knowing what medication will be most effective for them.

So how does it work? More information on that when the gnomes we've hired to create our website are done building and testing our comprehensive site.

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